A Collaborative Co-Creation in service of the cause of freedom

… in support of the rise of women from tyrannical oppression

– specifically under radical islamic tyranny..

And for the cause of freedom for the people of Iran


Theory of Change

For the revolution for freedom in Iran to succeed where it has previously failed, requires a critical mass of local and global pressure enough to draw away support for the regime from international and internal players. When those in Defense and Law enforcement within Iran start to feel called or pressured to give-up or join the tide of change, the system will crumble. This can be greatly assisted via an overwhelming show of international support for Love of Freedom….

…which can be assisted by disseminating an activist song which:

– is ‘radio length’ for ease of consumption, thus maximizing listenership/viewership
– contains an instantly recognisable Iranian cultural sound of the setar and daf and uses solely the words of the famous Persian poet Rumi to link the message to the lineage of Persian culture
– has a modern/popular western edge of sound to it to improve chance of mass interest
– is sung in the global language of english to make it as widely accessible as possible and to allow the maximum amount of people possible to sing along

And an accompanying video which:

– contains directly symbolic imagery
– is movingly passionately dramatic
– inspires the watcher to rise up and join a growing movement
– acts as a link point to open the door for people to be further involved
– involves multiple members of the Iranian diaspora in cocreative collaboration
– contains an activist stunt of high visibility

 All created and disseminated by a non-profit project in collaboration with multiple artists from the Iranian diaspora…thus increasing the likelihood of its virality.

Global consciousness is on the rise…it is boiling, ready to burst. Our planet and all life is crying out for the feminine energy to rise and bring balance to the masculine.

One of the most powerful things we can do outside of Iran to help the women and people of Iran, is to seek to ignite a global rise of feminine energy so that our world can begin to understand and value balance.


About me and The Infinite Program – why are we doing this?

I (Kreatos) have been a life-long activist across a broad range of issues…always with the understanding that a threat to justice and freedom anywhere is a threat to justice and freedom everywhere. I was heavily involved in many of the major global grassroots movements from Reclaim the Streets to Occupy to BlackLivesMatter to many global environmental initiatives. I founded and ran my own animal rescue and environmental protection charity while living  in Ireland. I worked in the non-profit activist sector dealing with high level politicians and had many success stories being central to forcing through governmental change through applied external pressure. All along the way I deepened my own walk on the Shamanic path and dove deeper into Spiritual activism by holding Shamanic space for individual healing…with an ever increasing understanding that the internal psychological/spiritual conflict is ultimately the true space where the revolution must occur if we are to bring about true meaningful and lasting change to a more free, loving and sustainable world.

With a history as a performing multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and in professional multimedia dance/fire theatre, my musical/arts abilities,as well as my activist experience, have become a tool given in service of this great Spiritual campaign. The Infinite Program is the officially registered non-profit organisation I founded to build a movement to further this spiritual activism.

Since holding plant medicine ceremony for a group of Iranians a couple years ago in LA,  my love of playing the setar and my appreciation for Iranian music, culture and the Iranian people has grown ever deeper. As a Shamanic Missionary called to serve the spiritual awakening of the greater LA/Socal area, I consider it part of my calling to aid the deep spiritual struggle that the diaspora of Iranian people face here.  It is my honour to give my gifts in support of this noble divine cause.


 Here is a rough draft of the song for evaluation

The Song/Video Lyrics

All words are from the poet Rumi

(this section to be included in the video)

“Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created”

“You are of noble origin – you are from the highest high. By spirit, you are deathless – imperishable; magnificent from within. You belong to the glorious – you are of divine radiance. What have you seen of your own beauty? You are still veiled… One dawn, like the sun, you will rise up from within yourself.”

(this section from the song)

Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
How do they learn it?  They leap
In leaping, they are given wings.

Why stay in prison with the door so wide opening?
Move outside the tangle of fear thinking
You have liberated from this cage.
Your wings are unfurled and now its time to fly.

I want to sing like the birds sing,
no worry who hears or what they think.

This liberty is worth more than a thousand lives.
This freedoms worth more than all the lands of the earth.
Its worth more than the world and this brief life.
To be one with the-truth for a moment in time

I want to sing like the birds sing,
no worry who hears or what they think.

A Quick outline of the Vision for the Video

It opens with setar and words of Rumi : “you are of noble origin…”- acted out (actresses needed)

Music starts with sweeping drone footage/birds flying free….zoom into mystic sitting on mountain top – stare into camera and recite opening poem

Verse 1 – Dance interpretation of the message using dancer(s) and artwork from the diaspora:  Breaking free from the prison of fear and stand tall to be free and fly

Verse 2 – Dance interpretation of the message using dancer(s) and artwork from the diaspora:  Moving past temptation to seek greed or to fit in etc…and live life boldy to live in ‘truth’

Chorus: Various ideas still to be decided…being left open for now to see what inspiration might come through from those getting involved (Possible room to add more women from actress/dance community of the diaspora)

Final Chorus- (political action stunt)  Dancer emerges on mountain top (above the hollywood sign) with many women and huge banner “women life freedom”. Women clap in unison and chant the chorus together.




-Film recital of opening poem (needs actress)
-Film mountain top opening scene (needs actress)
-Film dancing scenes  (kosar on board)
     -can we secure use of a green-screen room?
-get support of diaspora women artists to contribute their art to be used in the video(needs someone to take the lead on reaching out)
-film the political stunt  (needs crowd of women)

-1 videographer (Hoorad) and 1 drone videographer  tentatively on board, more interest is welcomed
-2 video editors possible, open to seeing if there is someone with more experience willing to help
-costuming needed for opening scenes-   vision: dressed like a ‘mystic’ similar to paintings of Rumi


-put together an action team  (needs someone from the iranian activist community to co-lead to get people involved and moving)
-create/purchase banner
-practice raising banner in a park
-raise any funds needed for banner and poles/ropes
-organize the event
      -organize as many photographers/videographers as possible
      -put the call out to the iranian community
      -put the call out to women of LA/OC
      -seek coverage by local media