Shamanism is something of a mystery to humanity.

Whether demonized through religious fear or confused with tribal shamanic culture and ritual, it is something widely misunderstood.
In a world cut off from truth, this is to be expected.

We are all born and raised into this society in which, as a result of generations upon generations of division and suffering, we are currently in a state of collective psychosis.
This can be seen by the perpetuation of war, violence, division and all other suffering that dominates our narrative.
Therefore we are all exposed to being conditioned to see all facets of life through a distorted lens.

We are conditioned into the ‘Fog of the Mind’ –
the -ill-at-ease state of mental turmoil and confusion of self.

We are conditioned into the ‘Dream of society’ –
the ideas of governance and social structures that we play into in the mistaken belief that they are a fundamental part of reality.

Shamanism, across many cultures, digs deep into these psyche-spiritual pitfalls that humanity faces.
It is the frontline against the ultimate spiritual illness that is an ever-present threat to humanity.
This great spiritual illness has been known by many names and coded into many mythological stories.

Today we speak of it as “Wetiko”

Wetiko is the psyche-spiritual illness that short-circuits an individuals ability to recognize oneself as
an interdependent part of a greater whole of a balanced natural world.
Thus, through fear, it commands the ego to seek dominance.
It requires us to abandon self-awareness by establishing a dominate narrative that our physiological needs, our fundamental primary objective, can only be met through a ‘human first/ me first’ philosophy of the rules of existence.
Thus we are commanded to establish and preserve an ego that masks the underlying illness so that we impose ourselves upon the world as deserving of selfish pursuit, and therefore survival.

Wetiko is the root of our individual and collective turmoil.
It is the root of the low vibration of our society which creates the conditions for the harm we do to one another and to ourselves.

Shamanism is the antidote to Wetiko

Wetiko removes us from the natural world through fear, greed and status.

Shamanism is first and foremost the pursuit of reconnecting and deepening our bond with the natural world and our natural self.
Through rewilding we reconnect to the Circle of Life –
and there find an ease of understanding the peace that has been lost to us.

The Creator Spirit, Love, The Truth is encoded in the natural world, and therefore can be connected to through the purity of the natural world.
It is a solo path to walk upon to place oneself as the eternal student to the divine truth that is whispered in the wild.
Only through the surrender of ego and through the silent honour of creation can we hear these whispers speak into our heart.

Only through being a humble servant to the truth can we see the answers before us.

Only through the humility and power of taking our place in the Circle of Life can we lead ourselves and eachother to the Light



True Shamanism being about the bond of connection to the natural world
Our medicine is the awe from nature immersion
As part of this process we are blessed through nature with the gift of naturally growing medicine for our spiritual healing


As modern healthcare/science increasingly grapples with the fallout of the destruction that pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs have caused, and increasingly we see renowned scientific/medical institutions proving plant medicine as a vastly superior medicine to pharmaceuticals, we are approaching an era where science is converging with shamanic wisdom to embrace the healing power of plant medicine.

Chief among these plan tmedicines is the mushroom medicine
It is the great network healer
Just as they interconnect the plant life of our planet
So too do they interconnect the network of our mind

So that we can
heal our trauma and bring peace to our mind,
open our heart to unconditional love,
lift our spirit and set it free,
raise our consciousness
remind of us of our oneness
so that we can remember harmony

The mushroom plant medicine allows us to move beyond the limitations of the mind
to feel the flow of harmony and love in our bodies so that we can know it on the deepest of levels.



Those who have your highest good at heart will only seek to encourage and support you in your own path of divine discovery.

Virtue signalling through performative ritual and culture is marketing
Marketing is part of Wetiko culture

The ability to hold space for others to heal is something that ultimately cannot be taught or inherited through lineage.
It can only be discovered as a calling that results from walking a devout path.
Only through a path of dedicated self-healing and devotion to seeking truth can one free themselves from the Fog of the Mind and the Dream of the Planet.
Only through a path of sacrifice of ‘societal acceptance’ can one find their way out of Wetiko
Only one who leaves the safety and comfort of the ill tribe –
Who wanders the wilderness in pursuit of truth
Can find freedom
Only one who finds home in the dirt of the earth can be free

In this totality of freedom we are rooted in oneness
Free of fear, greed and ego
Rooted in humility
Rooted in purity of intention

This is the space of true empowerment to be of service to uplift others.

Lovingly embrace all as family into the harmony of the Circle of Life