The Path


I am Kreatos

Spearhead of The Infinite Program

I am a Shamanic Missionary: a testament to the transformational power of the shamanic path….
one who has walked the Shamanic path long enough to gain deep insight and deep connection to the Creator Spirit through the natural world.
This path has given me the fortune of freeing me from the toxic ‘Fog of the mind’ and Dream of Society’ that is endemic to humanity.
This path has opened my heart, rooted me in humility, freed my mind and ignited my spirit in ways I once could have never fathomed were possible.
As a missionary I seek to share these insights and the truth of peace, freedom, joy, and love –
the salvation that is to be found from the wisdom of shamanism
…a path which is open to all
…a path for everyone to walk.

As a missionary I seek to share vision of the path forward for humanity to overcome all our challenges

A brief share about the path that led to the birth of The Infinite Program:

When I was carried and birthed, it was prayed to the creator spirit that I would be a bearer of Divine Consciousness.
That is…the divine consciousness that is within us all…
but our society causes to not awaken.

This imprint has reverberated throughout my path as life has led me to ever higher connections of understanding of the depth of its meaning.

To walk the path of divine consciousness is to look past fear, distraction and temptation of lower vibrations,
to push past all challenges and stand firm in the seeking, embodiment, and service, of Love.

I am here in service of Love.

At aged 17 I began walking the Celtic Shamanic Path of Druidism beginning with a solitary Vision Quest deep into the wilds of the misty Scottish Highlands.

There I placed myself at the mercy of the wild, with no food or shelter for weeks on end, and meditated atop peak after peak to hear the voice of the wild spirit of creation.

This experience opened a portal of connection to the quiet whisper of wisdom that can be found through a deep bond with nature –
it opened a portal of vision and strength that would carry and guide me forward on a wild nomadic life of spiritual expansion.

This experience began my embarkation of service as a ‘Warrior of Light’ –
One who dedicates their life to seeking the highest truth –
and shining the light of the highest truth into the world to cast out the darkness

Many years of walking this devotional path –
conquering of the elements, righteous quests, study of the human mind, rooting,
connecting to many animal spirits, rewilding, spirit journeying, exploration, discovery,
and holding sacred ceremony
have led me to a space of higher understanding –
a space of deeply rooted peace, joy, freedom and love that has carried me flowingly through a life of challenge, and ever evolving expansion.

In parallel to my shamanic journey:

I have walked a path of rooting of homestead knowledge and skills – working with the earth to provide food and shelter
Knowing that it is necessary for humanity to remember our ways of self-reliance

I have led a life of dedication to striving to bring positive change to our world –
through lifelong grassroots community activism/service, founding my own charitable organizations,
and working professionally in a major international nonprofit, managing campaigns to force government change/progress.
Knowing that it is necessary and noble to be a ‘person of action’ in service of the greater good –
It is part of our purpose to be of service to earth and to our fellow brothers and sisters.

In the year 2012 I received a vision…

..a vision of a network and type of space that would send a ripple effect of transformation out into the collective.

Since that moment I have been connecting with the wild spirit held in many lands to hear the message and the musical medicine that seeks to come through me.

Since that moment I have held sacred space to listen for deeper understanding as to the true spiritual nature of the great challenge faced by our global tribe.

This has been a process of deep spirit-listening and patience –
knowing that the right time, place and conditions will present themselves when humanity will be ready to look beyond the familiar,
and begin to seek answers and vision not of this conventional world –
the vision will become more clear & humanity will become ready to hear.

.Since that vision I have followed the whispers of this mission.

This has led me to a multitude of places and experiences that have filled in the pieces of this puzzle of mystery.

These whispers led me across the world to wander the western territories of the US and Canada to hear the voices of these lands and the wisdom of those who once held these lands as sacred…
to witness Eagle land before me, head bowed and raise its wings before me as an angel.

These whispers led me to the southern Sierra mountains where my wandering culminated with a gathering of wild coyotes
who encircled me and sat with me upon the mountainside to honor the setting of the sun.
I knew this as a confirmation of the sacred path I was following.

With this confirmation I was being called to new challenges on my journey…

These whispers then called me to enter and connect with the Valley of Angels . . .

to see here a space to share the higher level of medicine I have gathered on my shamanic journey to this space.

To see here the ground zero upon which to build the foundation for global spiritual transformation


The Infinite Program is the visionary manifestation born from my Shamanic Journey –
brought to light via a deep bond with the wild and with the mushroom plant medicine.
It is the culmination of decades of experience, wisdom and knowledge.
It is a vision of a path forward for the evolution of humanity
A Revolution of Spirit
Transforming our world from the inside out

It is time to Spread Wings as Angels …and Fly!


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