The Infinite Program
vision of

The Community Healing Sanctuary

A nature-based ‘Neutral Territory” free from dogma and division…open and welcoming to all people….supported by the wider community…
….for people to heal…to find peace…to connect to themselves…to practice being in a space of peace and cooperation with others.
Spaces where the ancient shamanic understandings of our psycho-spiritual needs align with modern science to give us a universally acceptable platform of ‘mental health’ such that it can be embraced and supported by all people.
Spaces where nature can work its wonders to help us heal.
Spaces where facilitators can help support us to find questions and solutions for our own personal growth so that we can all find a greater sense of peace and personal empowerment.
Spaces where we connect to the earth through working on the land to maintain a self-sufficiency for the needs of all who stay…
…a space where all who stay can remember and awaken their divine consciousness and become beacons of light in a dark world.

We invite you to donate towards the establishment of the Community Healing Sanctuary