…a space to expand and express your joy of living through music and community.  

To dance and play with the heartbeat of life.

Let go of the stories and connect to the child like wonder within.  

Tap into your body through movement and celebration. 

To heal, to grow, to find freedom, to enlighten, is the process of setting free our pure inner child , our divine essence. 

Our divine self understands that life is an opportunity of challenge, exploration, expansion and celebration….

this   Is   the ‘Human Experience’.

To cherish, honour and give thanks for this life.. to truly live
is to connect deep to our primal self…
lift our spirits in joy for our divine loving awareness…
expand through joy, laughter and movement…
and give praise for the day!

this is a sacred practice….this is Sacred Play! 


Sacred Play is a space where we as a community gather together to enjoy connection, movement and dance.  

It is a substance-free, harassment-free safe space where we ‘leave our egos at the door’

….where all people are welcome…young and old…from every walk of life

It is Ecstatic Dance, Flow Jam and Community Gathering.

We open with sacred circle to ground in our intention to celebrate life together as community… as one tribe. 

We begin the music with a short yoga flow to warm the body and center ourselves.  

Then we gently alternate through guided dance and free flow , where we have flow toys (hula hoops/silk fans/ribbons) provided to connect deeper into our child-like wonder of fun.

This is a 1.5 hr dj set to go wild, have fun, release and expand!

We end the musical celebration with a closing circle. 

Afterwards we encourage all to remain for fellowship.


Getting There: 

We will meet at the beach, look for the table with color flags surrounding it.  

Check in and collect your headsets!  


…to be announced…

Belmont Shore Beach (99 Claremont Pl), LONG BEACH
4:30pm – sunset

(Please state: ‘Sacred Play’ when sending venmo, then email your name, how many headsets you are reserving, venmo id and IG to connect@infiniteprogram.com)

Limited Spaces Available..

We ask for a donation minimum of 25 dollars to reserve a headset.

If you do not wish to use Venmo you can go through our CSG or Eventbrite listings

The Infinite Program is an official non-profit devotional organization (registered in the state of California) . All monetary exchange is a donation to the support of the Infinite Program Mission.

We are in search of sponsorship for this gathering.
If your organization is interested or if you have any leads please let us know.
Our hope is to grow this event and have it fully supported, through sponsorship, by the community so that everyone who desires to take part can do so regardless of their economic status.

As we dance in rays
of the sunlit days
we offer praise to higher ways

As we laugh and smile
move in motion wild
we revive the life of inner child

As we open our heart
See joy in each part
This love brings us to the present day

This Love is the Key…
to Sacred Play