Our Philosophy

       At The Infinite Program, we understand that all of our worlds challenges are rooted in the unhealed mind and spirit. Without addressing this psycho-spiritual crisis that humanity currently faces, we will endlessly be trying to patch up the internal and external chaos that emerges from this root. At present, the majority of our collective global effort for positive change is focused on the external manifestations of this crisis. These efforts are noble yet they may only serve as attempts to stem the tide of a deepening spiritual crisis that places our world in increasing peril. Furthermore, when political and social change is pursued through unloving, divisionary ways, we risk the deepening of our spiritual crisis. This factor can be seen clearly in the deepening polarization of our politics and the glaring incoherence of our mainstream political philosophies. Thus:

We continue to go one step forward – two steps back
While we perceive progress
because we are only counting the steps forward

      Humanity has all the information, the insights and answers necessary to tackle the issues…yet we simply lack the will, desire and vision to make change. The minds of humanity are not at peace and the hearts not open. Therefore we are primed by our society to charge forward into the world to be self-serving and fearful…thus leaving little room to think of others or to even believe in the possibility of a more beautiful existence. And for those who do try, vision of the path forward is encumbered by a conditioned false narrative of understanding of the nature of humanity which leads to political policy and social views that ultimately helps perpetuate the false narrative.

        The Infinite Program philosophy understands that the most effective and efficient way to heal our society and to change hearts and minds to care about our world and be part of the change for good, is to help the individual heal within. We don’t need to debate what is and isn’t ‘good’ or which direction to go. When we find our own internal healing, our peace of mind and open heart, our values converge on truth and Love. The healed and internally empowered individual is a powerful force of peace and unity, an effective voice of reason, and a clear, focused and humble champion for the greater good.

        We are deeply rooted in the understanding that our need to create endless lists of laws is due to our spiritual crisis – that when we are healed individually, and converge as a community of healed individuals, we do not require law as a body of fear to force us into coexistence.

In our healed state we understand harmony
we lead with wisdom of the heart –
we are balanced – and seek balance with all life.

       At The Infinite Program we believe our world is in dire need of what can be called ‘Spiritual Activism’.  That is, we need to bring ‘spiritual/deep psychological healing’ to the forefront of our efforts.  Something so vital for our individual and collective thriving cannot be left to be confined to the fringe if we desire to truly move forward.  Peace, unity and universal respect for nature will not be achieved through the halls of power.  It can only begin from the grassroots upward – and this begins in the heart and spirit of each individual.  We believe it is vital for humanity to begin shifting more and more of our focus onto ‘the provision of healing’ as the most powerful route to solving our challenges – this is ‘Spiritual Activism’.

      Our vision is to bring ancient indigenous healing wisdom to the world. We understand that there is tremendous healing to be found in the combination of deep nature immersion, natural healing methods and loving supportive community. We understand that to truly care for the well-being of the earth and all life, it is necessary to rekindle the bond with the natural world. It is only through this deeply ‘spiritual’ experience that we discover our innate ability within to care for all and to deeply take care of ourselves.

We have a deep understanding of the power of interconnection, culture and popular ideas.

We envision a path forward to make this type of healing into a mainstream celebrated effective tool for societal improvement as well as a popular cultural movement.

We envision, through indigenous wisdom, a path forward of an exponential shift in the evolution of our society that will usher in the dawn of a new era

The Infinite Program is a rally cry to the world
To face the challenge of our time
Our world is in great peril
One way or another we are going to enter a new epoch

We have the free will to choose
Whether we will enter an epoch of great chaos and destruction
As the rates of our social and environmental woes continue to compound
Whether we will heal
So that we may heal our world –
Enter an Epoch of Harmony