The view from our
Healing Sanctuary

A sanctuary to inspire deep connection to the natural world

A sanctuary for the spirit to be renewed

A sanctuary for the mind to find peace

A sanctuary to heal

Situated on the western side of the San Bernardino Mountain Range,
rising high above the Valley of Angels

Surrounded by towering Cedar and Pine trees dancing amongst Mighty Oaks
with a seasonal creek passing through
sharing space with Deer, Bear, Mountain Lions
and many more of our fellow Children of Earth

This land sits on the edge of a mountain residential area, where civilization meets the wild. This area has unfortunately been neglected and heavily mistreated. With our acquisition of this space we will be reversing that story and bringing loving attention to the rehabilitation and sensitive management of this precious wild space. We will be working to extend our land acquisition in this area to ensure that over-development does not threaten this vital habitat.

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Conservation 2.0