The Infinite Program
vision of

Conservation 2.0

The deep understanding that…

The beautiful intention of conservation, to preserve our natural habitat, is only needed because otherwise humanity would simply consume, abuse and destroy – because we are out of balance. The unceasing tide of global development ravaging the land, and the toxification of our atmosphere putting all life at risk, is a clear sign that our conservation efforts, as they currently exist, are losing the struggle.

Attempting to combat nature destruction without addressing the core root of what drives this march towards our own destruction is a lost cause. As our rivers dry, forests burn, islands sink and yet another global climate summit proves useless at tackling the issues that they have created and perpetuate – how long will we wait until we recognize that we must change course? Will we wait until it is too late before we try to take action to revolutionize our approach to nature conservation?

We must learn to see the abilities and intelligence of our species not as a permission for selfish domination but as a great responsibility to be wise caretakers of our home-earth, to preserve balance and harmony.

Wisdom says:
we destroy nature because we have no bond with her

The deeply held value of loving respect for our home has been lost from humanity.
Like the addict who destroys their own body
We are collectively ill

Driven through fear and greed, we consume endlessly because we do not understand or see our own illness.

Because, as a collective, we have been uprooted from the land.
Detached from the natural world and detached from our own nature within.
Detached from the natural rhythm of life that heals and guides.

This is the root of our nature destruction
as well as the root of our social ills.

This understanding is becoming increasingly understood by modern science –
Reaching conclusions that we have known, from time forgotten, through our indigenous wisdom.

As we increasingly recognize the extent of the destruction we have caused to ourselves and our home-
like the addict, we must accept our need to enter into recovery.
We must turn away from the parasitic mentality of constant growth and consumption.
We must embark upon a great global effort
to find a state of balance with our planet that is sustainable, ecologically and socially.
We must address the root of our illness

This is
The Infinite Program vision of
Conservation 2.0,

A synergy of nature preservation, restoration and community mental/spiritual health guided by indigenous wisdom

Sewing the seeds for
The establishment of a national, and global network of
nature immersion Community Healing Sanctuaries,
Within and surrounding the major population centers of the world.
Where the individual can discover true mental health
Where we, as community can reform our bond of respect to nature
Return to the circle of life
Where nature guides us to flow in harmony with her and one another

What we are advocating is
wise governance by city and state leaders,
Wise investment by conservationists and philanthropists
The formation of a great collaboration to heal our world from the inside out
To heed the advice and knowledge
from the studies of sociology, anthropology and psychology
by supporting this bold initiative to put the understandings of these studies into use
To heal our mental health
To heal our relation to one another
To heal our relationship with the natural world
To set the stage for forming towns and cities of the future
Where we dissolve our social ills
Where we clean up our act
Through the peace of healed minds
And embrace of open hearted community

We invite you to donate towards the establishment of the Comunity Healing Sanctuary