The CedarPines Conservation 2.0 Project

 Now in operation, our Cedarpines Conservation 2.0 Project is taking on an area of the San Bernardino mountains that has been heavily abused – having suffered use for illegal dumping, illegal logging, tree vandalism, as well as having had a past history of use by drug addicts as an area for prolonged drug use – contributing to the destruction of the area and posing fire risks. We are taking action to protect this space and build the health of the local community by working to buy up additional land to place into conservation status, taking a stance to stop illegal entry/dumping, and beginning the process of restoring this special area of natural beauty. We will continue to build up our program of bringing groups out from the city of greater Los Angeles, to ‘build mental health through nature immersion’, while giving opportunities to deepen environmental awareness through taking part in cleanup and restoration of this area – to protect this environmentally sensitive area of natural beauty, develop the health of the  local community, and to secure its future for further development of nature-based mental health programs.

 Below are some examples of the way in which this are of natural beauty has been abused: