Welcome to
The Infinite Program

The Infinite Program is about infinite possibilities.

Infinite merging of elements to form higher medicine.

A revival of indigenous wisdom to heal our world.

Infinite connections created to transform our reality.

Your arrival here is part of this beautiful web of connection.

Thank you for your presence.

The Infinite Program

A devotional organization…a Spiritual Assembly
United in universal values
Spiritual & Mental Health, Cultural Health, and Social & Environmental Health
A Mission

…a call to the world to reconnect to our roots in the earth
and to the ancient timeless wisdom of the shared indigenous origin that unites us all

… a call to understanding that we cannot heal individually without a deep understanding of the illness of our world and a deep desire to aid its healing. This includes care concern and action for the social woes that plague our communities, for the culture that influences our society, and for our home-the earth, to protect, nurture and love.

…a call to understanding that we cannot heal the illness of the world without addressing the root cause:
the overwhelming need for the psyche-spiritual healing of the individual.

The Infinite Program is the sowing of seeds of a new movement
of profound transformation for the collective human journey.
Social Healing

Understanding that the social problems our society faces can only truly be healed by addressing their spiritual root.

In order to resolve our challenges such as Crime, Poverty, Discrimination, Homelessness, Drug/Alcohol abuse, etc. we must first collectively develop a deep understanding of the psyche-spiritual nature of the problem.

When we can move past division/obstinance/anger/ignorance/pity and tap into deep empathy then we become infinitely more powerful change makers for the world around us.

We must collectively develop a deeply held compassion for the suffering of others. We must learn to balance and empower our compassion with wise and free order.

Our social ills will only be truly resolved when we learn to rebuild meaningful connection as community –
Social cohesion.

The Infinite Program seeks to re-frame the conversation on how to improve our society in the light of these deep understandings,

Build a more loving, effective and unifying force for positive change.

Environmental Healing

Understanding that to bring about lasting protection for our environment
we must embark on a collective movement
to remember our place amongst the circle of life

It is only in the circle of life that we are able to
resolve our environmental and social ills.

We must reform our deep bond to the earth.
This can only come about through deep immersion into wild spaces and guidance to rediscover a deep reverence for the sanctity of our home-earth.

The Infinite Program seeks to build a movement we call “Conservation 2.0”: Establishing conservation lands dedicated to the process of this re-integration of humanity with our natural world

Reconnect to our shared indigenous wisdom

Cultural Healing

 Understanding that music is one of
the most powerful forms of communication and influence.
Music is Medicine
We must use it wisely.
Understanding that dance is a primary and
powerful healing tool for the individual and the community.

A society that predominately glorifies music and a dance scene that is
centered on themes of violence, drugs, alcohol, ego/vanity/greed etc,
will be forever lacking in enough inspiration to
come together in harmony with one another or the world that surrounds us.

The Infinite Program creates healing, uplifting music and opportunities to dance in a sober and safe atmosphere to uplift the health of the community…

Build a Culture of Healing

Spiritual Healing

Understanding that: ‘Psychology’ means ‘Study of the Spirit’.
The journey to understand that thought is a filter through which our Spirit enters the human experience

Understanding that in order to tap into our ability for deep understanding and empathy, in order to reconnect to our indigenous wisdom, in order to become visionary change-makers, in order for any one of us to find peace and contentment within, we must empower ourselves for positive transformation by embarking on a healing process.

Understanding that our greatest healing, empowerment and vision comes through the formation of a deep bond with nature,  and with immersion in harmonious community.

The Infinite Program is “Heart & Spirit Activism” – seeking to aid the personal journey of individuals to become empowered wise voices for good – to become part of a growing wave of a rise in consciousness, our inherent good, that will continue to dramatically transform society and community as we know it.

Empower our Psyche

We must be present with the challenge of our time

The struggle for our world and our society deepens

We must begin
to collectively usher in a new reality

Dream a more beautiful Dream